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Medtronic Statement on Russia PNTR

Russia is one of the fast growing regions for the medical technology industry and for Medtronic. Permanent Normal Trade Relations is a critical step towards ensuring the U.S. benefits from Russia’s WTO accession. Specifically, establishing the PNTR will help ensure Russian’s adherence to the rules of international trade regarding intellectual property rights, as well as science-and risk-based regulations.

The more demand for product in Russia, the more support for continued and future investment in the Twin Cities. There is a tangible cause and effect relationship between sales in Russia and jobs in Minnesota.

Medtronic sees tremendous opportunity for growth in emerging markets, including Russia and appreciates Congress’ efforts to establish a level playing field so U.S. companies can be competitive in these regions.

-- Pat Mackin, Medtronic Senior Vice President and President, CRDM, as shared today with the House Ways and Means Committee.

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