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Covidien Announces Global Launch of Nellcor™ SpO2 Module for Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitors

Provides Cost-Effective Means to a More Complete Picture of a Patient’s Respiratory Function Status

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 21, 2012-- Covidien (NYSE: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products and recognized innovator in patient monitoring and respiratory care devices, today announced the launch of its Nellcor SpO2 single parameter module for use with the Philips IntelliVue patient monitoring platform.

Nellcor™ SpO2 Module for Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitors (Photo: Business Wire)

Nellcor™ SpO2 Module for Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitors (Photo: Business Wire)

The Nellcor SpO2 module incorporates Nellcor OxiMax pulse oximetry technology, providing a cost-effective means for clinicians to detect and treat potentially life-threatening events by creating a more complete picture of a patient’s respiratory function status. The single parameter module is available in North America, the European Economic Area (EEA) and other select international markets.

“Continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation through pulse oximetry technology improves clinical decision-making affecting patient safety,” said Robert J. White, President, Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions, Covidien. “The single parameter module enables compatibility of Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 monitoring with Philips’ market-leading IntelliVue monitors. This new product offering underscores the commitment of Covidien to patient care across all areas of the hospital, from the general care ward to critical care areas, such as the intensive care unit and neonatal care ward.”

Use of the Covidien market-leading Nellcor OxiMax pulse oximetry technology with Philips monitoring platforms can lead to enhanced patient care by providing clinicians with cardiac-based readings of SpO2 and pulse rate - two important vital signs that can serve as an early warning of serious respiratory complications.

“Because Nellcor OxiMax technology relies on cardiac signals, it mitigates signal interference, offering clinicians an accurate and reliable means for monitoring a wide range of patients in a variety of settings and challenging conditions, such as low perfusion,” said Scott Kelley, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions, Covidien. “Patient care and safety is further enhanced by an alarm management feature that helps clinicians overcome ‘alarm fatigue’ by distinguishing between minor, transient events and clinically significant changes in desaturation.”

The Nellcor SpO2 single parameter module is also compatible with the full line of Covidien Nellcor sensors, including:

  • Nellcor forehead sensor, which gives readings when conventional finger sensors fail, detects changes in oxygen saturation earlier than conventional sensors and is approved for use with ventilated patients
  • Nellcor non-adhesive sensors, which protect sensitive skin, a particular benefit to patients in the NICU
  • Single-patient-use oximetry sensors, which protect against hospital-acquired infections

The Nellcor SpO2 single parameter module is compatible with the Philips IntelliVue MP40 through MP90 monitors and the Philips IntelliVue MX 600, MX 700 and MX 800 monitors.


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