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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form 10-Q on 09/01/2017
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Looking ahead, we expect our Minimally Invasive Therapies Group could be affected by the following:
Continued acceptance and future growth of Open-to-Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) techniques and tools supported by our efforts to transition open surgery to MIS. The Open to MIS initiative focuses on establishing our presence in and working to optimize open surgery globally, while capturing the market opportunity that exists in transitioning open procedures to MIS, whether through traditional MIS, or advanced technologies including robotics. To achieve this transition, we are focused on product training, surgical skill training and continued therapy innovation to advance MIS.
The July 29, 2017 divestiture of the Patient Care, Deep Vein Thrombosis, and Nutritional Insufficiency businesses within the Patient Monitoring & Recovery division to Cardinal Health. Net sales of the businesses included in the divestiture were $579 million and $588 million for the three months ended July 28, 2017 and July 29, 2016, respectively. We have entered into Transition Manufacturing Agreements (TMAs) with Cardinal Health designed to ensure and facilitate an orderly transfer of business operations. The TMAs will contribute net sales for a transition period of up to five years.
Changes in procedural volumes, competitive and pricing pressure, geographic macro-economic risks, reprocessing of our products, reimbursement challenges, impacts from changes in the mix of our product offerings, the timing of product registration approvals, and fluctuations in currency exchange rates.
Continued acceptance and future growth of the powered stapling and energy platform.
Our ability to execute ongoing strategies in order to address the competitive pressure of reprocessing of our vessel sealing disposables in the U.S.
Our ability to create markets and drive product and procedures into emerging markets. We have high quality and cost-effective surgical products designed for customers in emerging markets such as the ValleyLab LS10 single channel vessel sealing generator, which is compatible with our line of LigaSure instruments and designed for simplified use and affordability.
Continued acceptance and future growth within the end stage renal disease market. The population of patients treated for end stage renal disease globally is expected to double over the next decade. We will grow our therapy innovation with scalable and affordable dialysis delivery while investing in vascular creation and maintenance technologies. In addition, the HD multi-pass system reduces infrastructure by requiring less water, less start-up costs, and offers high quality ultrapure dialysate treatment. The system is expected to launch in late fiscal year 2019 or early fiscal year 2020 depending on regulatory requirements.
Continued elevation of the standard of care for respiratory compromise, a progressive condition impacting a patient’s ability to breathe effectively.
Continued acceptance and growth in Respiratory Care, Airway and Ventilation Management, Patient Monitoring, and Homecare. Key products in this area include the Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator, Microstream Capnography bedside capnography monitor, portable monitor with Nellcor pulse oximetry system with OxiMax technology and the Nellcor Respiratory Compromise monitor with vital signs of SpO2, pulse rate, End-Tidal CO2, and Respiratory Rate.
Continued and future acceptance of less invasive standards of care, including the areas of GI solutions and advanced ablation. Recently launched products include the PillCam COLON capsule endoscopy, the Barrx platform through ablation with the Barrx 360 Express catheter, the Emprint ablation system with Thermosphere Technology which maintains predictable spherical ablation zones throughout procedures reducing procedure time and cost.
Continued and future acceptance of interventional lung solutions. Products include the superDimension GenCut core biopsy system and the Triple Needle Cytology Brush, a lung tissue biopsy tool for use with the superDimension navigation system. The superDimension system enables a minimally invasive approach to accessing difficult-to-reach areas of the lung, which may aid in the diagnosis of lung cancer.
Expanding the use of less invasive treatments and furthering our commitment to improving options for women with abnormal uterine bleeding with our fiscal year 2017 acquisition of Smith and Nephew's gynecology business. The addition expanded and strengthened the surgical offerings and complemented our global gynecology business.