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Corporate Governance


Our Corporate Governance Principles


The Board of Directors has adopted Principles of Corporate Governance (the “Governance Principles”), last amended March 2017. The Governance Principles describe Medtronic’s corporate governance practices and policies, and provide a framework for the governance of Medtronic. Among other things, the Governance Principles include the provisions below.


A majority of the members of the Board must be independent directors and no more than two directors may be Medtronic employees. Currently one director, Medtronic’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is not independent.
Medtronic maintains Audit, Compensation, Finance and Financial Risk, Nominating and Corporate Governance, Quality, and Technology and Value Creation Committees, which consist entirely of independent directors.
The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee oversees an annual evaluation of the Board.


Our Governance Principles, the charters of our Audit, Compensation, Finance and Financial Risk, Nominating and Corporate Governance, Quality, and Technology and Value Creation Committees and our codes of conduct are published on our website at These materials are available in print to any shareholder upon request. From time to time, the Board reviews and updates these documents as it deems necessary and appropriate to keep abreast of governance regulations.


Lead Independent Director and Chairman; Executive Sessions


Mr. Ishrak, our Chief Executive Officer, also serves as Chairman of the Board. The Board believes it is appropriate for Mr. Ishrak to serve as Chairman of the Board due to his extensive knowledge of, and experience in, the global health care industry generally and in the medical device industry specifically. This knowledge and experience is critical in identifying strategic priorities and providing unified leadership in the execution of strategy. We believe that Mr. Ishrak’s experience and knowledge as the CEO and Chairman is an asset to Medtronic and promotes efficient board functioning, with independent board leadership provided by our “Lead Independent Director”.


Under Medtronic’s Principles of Corporate Governance, the independent directors annually elect a Lead Independent Director to ensure periodic refreshment of Board leadership roles. Our current Lead Independent Director is Scott C. Donnelly who replaced Richard H. Anderson on July 1, 2017.


As Lead Independent Director, Mr. Donnelly’s duties include:


presiding as chair of regularly scheduled meetings of the independent directors, and presiding as chair of Board meetings at which Mr. Ishrak is not in attendance;
reviewing and approving the agenda for each meeting of the Board of Directors and each of its committees;
leading Board discussion;
overseeing the directors’ annual evaluation of the Board and each of its committees and advising Mr. Ishrak on the conduct of Board meetings;
facilitating teamwork and communications between the non-management directors and management, serving as a liaison between the two;
overseeing the process for identifying and evaluating Board nominees, as the chair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee;
leading the process for assessing appropriate committee leadership and membership on a periodic basis;
recommending, as appropriate, changes to governance policies and practices;



reviewing all committee materials even for committees on which he does not serve; and
acting as the focal point on the Board for suggestions from non-management directors, especially on sensitive issues.


In keeping with Medtronic’s commitment to corporate governance best practices, Mr. Donnelly also takes the lead in both the Board’s ongoing, thoughtful evaluation of Medtronic’s governance structure and constructive shareholder engagement on emerging governance issues. Medtronic’s accountability to its shareholders is clearly indicated by its openness to their engagement, including through its proxy access policy and strong Lead Independent Director. In this role, Mr. Donnelly ensures that he is available, if appropriately requested by shareholders, for consultation and direct communication.


Four regular meetings of our Board were held in Fiscal Year 2017. At each Board meeting, our independent directors meet in executive session with no Company management present, as did each of our committees.


Board Role in Risk Oversight


Our Board of Directors, in exercising its overall responsibility to oversee the management of our business, considers risks when reviewing the Company’s strategic plan, financial results, merger and acquisition-related activities, legal and regulatory matters and its public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Board is also deeply engaged in the Company’s


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