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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form DEFR14A on 10/11/2017
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Audit Committee Pre-Approval Policies


Rules adopted by the SEC require public company audit committees to pre-approve audit and non-audit services provided by a company’s independent registered public accounting firm. Our Audit Committee has adopted detailed pre-approval policies and procedures pursuant to which audit, audit-related, tax and other permissible non-audit services are pre-approved by category of service. The fees are budgeted, and actual fees versus the budget are monitored throughout the year. During the year, circumstances may arise when it becomes necessary to engage the independent registered public accounting firm for additional services not contemplated in the original pre-approval. In those instances, we obtain the approval of the Audit Committee before engaging the independent registered public accounting firm. The policies require the Audit Committee to be informed of each service, and do not permit any delegation of the Audit Committee’s responsibilities to management. The Audit Committee may delegate pre-approval authority to one or more of its members, but such member(s) must report any pre-approval decisions to the Audit Committee at its next scheduled meeting.


Compensation Committee1, 2

Craig Arnold (Chair)
Richard H. Anderson
Scott C. Donnelly
Randall J. Hogan, III
Kendall J. Powell
Number of
meetings during
Fiscal Year 2017




  Reviewing compensation philosophy and major compensation programs
  Annually reviewing executive compensation programs
  Annually reviewing and approving corporate goals and objectives relevant to the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and, based on its own evaluation of performance in light of those goals and objectives, as well as input from the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee; determining and approving the total compensation of the Chief Executive Officer
  Annually approving the total compensation of all other executive officers, including base salaries
  Administering and determining incentive compensation plans and equity-based compensation plans and approving stock and other long-term incentive awards
  Monitoring compliance by the Chief Executive Officer and senior management with the Company’s stock ownership guidelines
  Reviewing new compensation arrangements and reviewing and recommending to the Board severance arrangements for senior executive officers
  Reviewing and discussing with management the Compensation Discussion and Analysis required by the rules of the SEC and recommending to the Board the inclusion of the Compensation Discussion and Analysis in the Company’s annual proxy statement
  Assisting the Board in reviewing results of any shareholder advisory votes, responding to other shareholder communications that relate to the compensation of senior executive officers, and reviewing and recommending to the Board for approval the frequency with which Medtronic will conduct shareholder advisory votes
  Preparing the Committee’s report to be included in Medtronic’s annual proxy statement
  Assessing the Company’s risk relating to its compensation policies and practices
  The Compensation Committee may form and delegate authority to subcommittees as it deems appropriate. The Compensation Committee also may delegate certain of its responsibilities to one or more designated senior executives or committees in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and plan requirements. Please refer to the Compensation Discussion and Analysis beginning on page 32 for additional discussion of the Compensation Committee’s processes and procedures relating to compensation.


1 The Board has determined that all members of the Compensation Committee satisfy the applicable compensation committee requirements of the NYSE and the SEC.
2 No member of the Compensation Committee during Fiscal Year 2017 was an officer or employee of Medtronic, and no executive officer of Medtronic during Fiscal Year 2017 served on the Compensation Committee or board of any company that employed any member of Medtronic’s Compensation Committee or Board. During Fiscal Year 2017, Sarah Powell, a daughter of director Kendall J. Powell, was employed by Medtronic as a Senior Leadership Development Rotation Program Associate as further described in this proxy statement under Corporate Governance - Related Party Transactions and Other Matters beginning on page 26. Mr. Powell had no involvement in the hiring of this role and has had no involvement in Ms. Powell’s performance assessments or compensation decisions.


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