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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form DEFR14A on 10/11/2017
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Stock Awards


Directors are annually granted restricted stock units on the first day of the fiscal year in an amount equal to $175,000 divided by the fair market value of a share of Medtronic ordinary shares on the date of grant. Grants are made on a pro rata basis for participants who are directors for less than the entire preceding fiscal year and are reduced by 25% for any directors who failed to attend at least 75% of the applicable meetings during such fiscal year. The restricted stock units vest on the one-year anniversary of the grant date. Dividends paid on Medtronic ordinary shares are credited to a director’s stock unit account in the form of additional units.


Prior to the Covidien acquisition in January 2015, directors were granted deferred stock units rather than restricted stock units. The balance in a director’s stock unit account will be distributed to the director in the form of Medtronic ordinary shares upon resignation or retirement from the Board in a single distribution or, at the director’s option, in five equal annual distributions.


Stock Holdings


Non-employee directors held the following restricted stock units, stock options, and deferred stock units as of April 28, 2017:


Non-Employee Director   Restricted
Stock Units
Stock Units
Richard H. Anderson   2,254       27,706
Craig Arnold   2,254       0
Scott C. Donnelly   2,254       2,078
Randall Hogan, III   2,254       0
Shirley Ann Jackson   2,254       28,541
Michael O. Leavitt   2,254       7,358
James T. Lenehan   2,254   7,084   21,397
Elizabeth Nabel   2,254       0
Denise M. O’Leary   2,254   7,084   29,849
Kendall J. Powell   2,254       20,509
Robert C. Pozen   2,254   4,484   25,087


To align directors’ interests more closely with those of shareholders, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee approved the Medtronic plc Stock Ownership and Retention Guidelines pursuant to which non-employee directors are expected to own stock of Medtronic in an amount equal to five times the annual Board retainer. Until the ownership guideline is met, the directors must retain 75% of after-tax Medtronic shares received through settlement of equity compensation awards. Once the guideline is met, the directors must retain 75% of after-tax shares for one year following grant of equity compensation awards. For stock options, net after-tax profit shares are those shares remaining after payment of the option’s exercise price and income taxes. For share issuances, net gain shares are those remaining after payment of income taxes. Shares retained may be sold on the later of one year after grant or when the ownership guidelines are met. In the case of retirement or termination, shares may be sold after the shorter of the remaining retention period or one year following retirement or termination, as applicable. As of July 7, 2017, all directors were in compliance with the stock ownership and retention policy; however, due to their more recent appointments, Mr. Donnelly and Dr. Nabel are continuing to make progress towards the required ownership guidelines.




Prior to the Covidien acquisition in January 2015, directors were able to defer all or a portion of their cash compensation through participation in the Medtronic Capital Accumulation Plan Deferral Program. This was a nonqualified plan designed to allow participants to defer a portion of their pre-tax compensation, and to earn returns or incur losses on those deferred amounts based upon allocation of their balances to one or more investment alternatives, which were the same investment alternatives that Medtronic offers its employees through its 401(k) Plan. Director contributions in the deferred compensation program were discontinued effective as of the close of the Covidien acquisition in January 2015.


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