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Fiscal Year 2017 Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) Design


Using the same analytical approach described for annual base salary and short-term incentives, the Independent Consultant identifies a +/- 20% median range for long-term incentive target pay for the CEO and each NEO. Target LTIP is expressed as a fixed dollar value from which the underlying shares subject to the LTIP award are determined based on the market price at the close of business on the grant date.


The target is split equally among three LTIP components; stock options, restricted stock units, and a three-year cash incentive plan called the Long-Term Performance Plan (LTPP). For example, the hypothetical target LTIP of $2,400,000 would be granted as $800,000 stock options (full-value equivalent), $800,000 restricted stock units, and $800,000 under the LTPP. Note that stock options are stated in a full-value equivalent, using a four-to-one conversion ratio for the purposes of setting the LTIP target. This value conversion ratio will differ slightly from the Company’s Black-Scholes grant date valuation used for accounting expense purposes under FASB ASC Topic 718.


Fiscal Year 2017 Long-Term Incentive Plan Components


Stock Options


Stock options are a performance-based compensation component that tie one-third of the target LTIP value to stock price appreciation and shareholder value creation. Stock options only have value when the market price exceeds the exercise price. All stock option grants have an exercise price that is equal to the market close stock price on the date of grant. Stock options have a ten-year term and vest in equal increments of 25% per year beginning one year after the date of grant.


Restricted Stock Units (RSU)


Restricted stock units represent the second one-third of the target LTIP value, and are intended to assist in retaining high performing executives and align executives’ compensation with shareholders through long-term stock ownership. The RSU grants cliff vest (100%) on the third anniversary of the grant date. Unlike the more commonly used time-based RSUs used by our Comparator Group, Medtronic’s RSUs include a three-year minimum performance threshold that must be met before the RSUs vest. For Fiscal Year 2017 RSU grants, the performance threshold was set as the diluted earnings per share cumulative compound annual growth rate (cumulative CAGR) of 3%.


Long-Term Performance Plan (LTPP)


Our LTPP is a three-year cash incentive plan that is based on long-term measures of Company performance. Our LTPP design was established following an extensive review completed by the Compensation Committee, Independent Consultant, and management. The review considered shareholder feedback, competitive benchmarking, and the Company’s short-term and long-term strategic imperatives. The LTPP has different measures than our short-term incentive plan as it is tied to longer term financial performance measures that are not influenced by variability in the stock market. The LTPP pays in cash after the end of the three fiscal year performance period, provided a minimum level of diluted earnings per share is attained. A new LTPP award grant and performance period is established at the beginning of each fiscal year. Because three-year performance periods overlap, performance goals are established at the start of each performance period and, once established, do not change.


Fiscal Year 2017 Long-Term Performance Plan Calculation Methodology


For each performance measure, the performance multiplier would be 0 if performance is below the minimum, 0.5x if performance is at threshold, 1x if performance is at target, and 2x if performance is at or above the maximum performance level. The performance multiplier for each performance measure is multiplied by the weighted percentage to obtain a performance score for that measure. The performance scores for each measure are added together for an overall performance score. That overall performance score is then multiplied by the applicable NEO’s individual target award to arrive at the actual payment amount.





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