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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form DEFR14A on 10/11/2017
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Executive Compensation Governance Practices and Policies


Equity Holding


Medtronic’s executive stock ownership and retention guidelines are meant to align management and shareholder incentives, at the highest levels of Medtronic’s organization. Those guidelines require the CEO to maintain ownership of stock equal to six (6) times annual salary and other NEOs to maintain stock equal to three (3) times annual salary. Until the ownership guideline is met, the CEO must retain 75% of after-tax profit shares received through settlement of equity compensation awards and other NEOs must retain 50% of such shares. Once the guideline is met, the CEO must retain 75% of after tax profit shares and other NEO’s must retain 50% of such shares, for one year following grant of equity compensation awards. For purposes of complying with the guidelines, stock is not considered owned if pledged as collateral for a loan. Shares owned outright, legally or beneficially, by an officer or the officer’s immediate family members, after-tax “in the money” vested but unexercised stock options, after-tax unvested restricted stock units, and shares held in the tax-qualified and nonqualified retirement and deferred compensation plans count toward the guideline. For stock options, net after-tax profit shares are those shares remaining after payment of the option’s exercise price and income taxes. For share issuances (restricted stock unit vesting), net gain shares are those shares remaining after payment of income taxes.


Compliance with our ownership and retention guidelines is measured at the beginning of the first fiscal month of a new fiscal year by the internal team at the Company responsible for handling executive compensation matters and the results of such measurement are reported to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee or Compensation Committee, as applicable, after the measurement. On each measurement date, compliance is measured using each executive officer’s base salary then in effect and the average closing price per share of the Company’s ordinary shares on the NYSE for the six (6) calendar months preceding the measurement date. As of July 7, 2017, all NEOs are in compliance with the stock ownership and retention policy.


Hedging and Pledging Policy


Our insider trading policy prohibits our NEOs and directors (along with others) from engaging in short sales of Medtronic securities (including short sales against the box) or engaging in purchases or sales of puts, calls or other derivative securities based on Medtronic securities. The policy also prohibits our NEOs from purchasing Medtronic securities on margin, borrowing against Medtronic securities held in a margin account or pledging Medtronic securities as collateral for a loan (unless the officer can clearly demonstrate the financial capacity to repay the loan without resorting to the pledged securities).


Sale and Transfer of Awards


All stock option, restricted stock, restricted stock unit, and performance-based restricted stock/restricted stock unit awards are granted under plans that specifically prohibit the sale, assignment and transfer of awards with limited exceptions such as the death of the award recipient. In addition, the Compensation Committee may allow an award holder to assign or transfer an award.


Incentive Compensation Forfeiture (“Clawback”)


The Company has a comprehensive Incentive Compensation Forfeiture Policy, which is designed to recoup improper awards or gains paid to executive officers. If the Board determines that any executive officer has received an improper payment or gain, which is an incentive payment or grant mistakenly paid or awarded to the executive officer as a result of misconduct (as defined below), the executive officer must return the improper payment or gain to the extent it would not have been paid or awarded had the misconduct not occurred, including interest on any cash payments. “Misconduct” means any material violation of our Code of Conduct or other fraudulent or illegal activity for which an executive officer is personally responsible as determined by the Board. All executive officers are required to agree to this policy in writing.


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