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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form DEFR14A on 10/11/2017
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Chief Financial Officer and former Executive Vice President of Global Operations and Information Technology (“Services”). During the Term, the Company agreed to pay Mr. Ellis $3,520 for each day that Mr. Ellis provides Services. The Consulting Agreement includes cooperation, non-disparagement, non-competition and non-solicitation covenants. The Consulting Agreement may be terminated by either party with written notice, without further obligation or liability.


Change of Control Agreements


Under Medtronic’s change of control agreements, no benefits are payable to an executive officer unless there is both a change of control and a termination of the executive by the Company other than for cause or by the executive for “good reason” as defined by the agreement. This is known as a double trigger. Absent a change of control, the agreements do not require Medtronic to retain the executives or to pay them any specified level of compensation or benefits.


Each agreement provides that for three years after a change of control — the first trigger — there will be no adverse change in the executive’s salary, bonus opportunity, benefits or location of employment. If during this three-year period the executive’s employment is terminated by Medtronic other than for cause, or if the executive terminates his or her own employment for good reason (as defined in the agreements, and including compensation reductions, demotions, relocation and excess travel) — the second trigger — the executive is entitled to receive payment of accrued salary and annual and long-term incentives through the date of termination as well as accrued vacation pay, accrued pension benefits and any outstanding deferred compensation, and, except in the event of death or disability, a lump sum severance payment equal to the prorated value of the Highest Annual Bonus and three times the sum of his or her base salary and Highest Annual Bonus. For these purposes, Highest Annual Bonus means the greater of the average of the bonuses received by the executive for the last three completed fiscal years preceding the year of termination, and the bonus payable for most recently completed fiscal year. Additionally, the executive is entitled to certain retirement and welfare benefits as further described below in the footnotes to the table. None of the change of control agreements include provisions for a “golden parachute” excise tax gross up. Instead, such payments may be subject to reduction (any such payment a “Reduced Payment”) to the extent it would cause the recipient to receive an “excess parachute payment” (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code) unless the change of control payments, less the amount of any excise taxes payable by the NEO, is greater than the Reduced Payment.


Generally, and subject to certain exceptions, a change of control is deemed to have occurred if:


a majority of Medtronic’s Board of Directors are individuals other than the nominees for whose election proxies have been solicited by the Board, or who are then serving as directors appointed by the Board to fill vacancies caused by death or resignation (but not removal) of a director or to fill newly created directorships;
another party becomes the beneficial owner of at least 30% of Medtronic’s outstanding voting stock; or
Medtronic merges or consolidates with another party (other than certain limited types of mergers), or exchanges shares of voting stock of Medtronic for shares of another corporation pursuant to a statutory exchange, sells or otherwise disposes of all or substantially all of Medtronic’s assets, or is liquidated or dissolved.


If a change of control of Medtronic occurs, awards under Medtronic’s annual incentive plan will accelerate and, subject to certain limitations set forth in the plan, each participant will be entitled to a final award based on certain assumptions as to target performance and salary. On August 22, 2013, shareholders approved the Medtronic, Inc. 2013 Stock Award and Incentive Plan, which replaced the Company’s 2008 Stock Award and Incentive Plan, and which was amended and restated in connection with the Covidien acquisition. For awards granted under the Medtronic plc Amended and Restated 2013 Stock Award and Incentive Plan, or the predecessor 2008 Stock Award and Incentive Plan, and related agreements, stock options will only become exercisable in full, and all restrictions under such outstanding restricted stock or units (including PBRSUs) will only lapse, if the award is not replaced by a qualifying replacement award that satisfies certain conditions set forth in the plan or, if a replacement award is granted, upon termination of a participant’s employment by the Company without cause or by the participant for good reason during the two years following the date of the change of control.


If a change of control occurs during a plan year, subject to certain limitations, Medtronic’s matching contribution to the 401(k) Plan will equal the greater of Medtronic’s target percentage matching contribution, or if the change of control occurs after the first quarter of a plan year, the percentage contribution Medtronic would have made upon completion of the plan year based on performance as most recently projected by Medtronic prior to the change of control and disregarding the effects of the change of control.


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