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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form DEFR14A on 10/11/2017
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Corporate Governance Highlights


Strong Lead Independent Director

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Annual Board and Committee
Evaluation Processes

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Robust Risk Management Program

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Stock Ownership Guidelines for
Named Executive Officers and Directors

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Annual Board of Director Elections and
Majority Voting for Directors

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Regular Executive Sessions of
Independent Directors

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Realigned Board Committees and
Chair Assignments

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Sustainability and Citizenship Highlights

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  Proxy Access

High Ethical Standards Established in Written Policies and Actions (Includes Codes of Conduct, U.S. Patient Privacy Principles, Political Contribution Policy, and Policies Regarding Environmental, Health and Safety and the Use of Animals)

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2017 Board Composition



Shareholder Outreach on Governance


We recognize the value of shareholder engagement and take a proactive approach to shareholder outreach on governance matters. We continuously engage with our shareholders, including investment and governance specialists, to seek input on governance, executive compensation, strategic issues and to address their questions and concerns. We bring feedback from our shareholders to our Board; such feedback is instrumental to the Board’s decision-making process.





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