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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form DEFA14A on 10/24/2017
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Voting Items  
The Board of Directors recommends you vote FOR the following proposals:
1. Election of Directors to serve until the next Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders
  1a. Richard H. Anderson  
  1b. Craig Arnold  
  1c. Scott C. Donnelly  
  1d. Randall Hogan III  
  1e. Omar Ishrak  
  1f. Shirley A. Jackson, Ph.D.  
  1g. Michael O. Leavitt  
  1h. James T. Lenehan  
  1i. Elizabeth Nabel, M.D.  
  1j. Denise M. O’Leary  
  1k. Kendall J. Powell  
  1l. Robert C. Pozen  
2. To ratify, in a non-binding vote, the re-appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as Medtronic’s independent auditor for fiscal year 2018 and authorize the Board of Directors, acting through the Audit Committee, to set the auditor’s remuneration.
3. To approve in a non-binding advisory vote, named executive officer compensation (a “Say-on-Pay” vote).
4. To approve the amendment and restatement of the Medtronic plc Amended and Restated 2013 Stock Award and Incentive Plan.
NOTE: In their discretion, the proxy holders are authorized to vote upon such other business as may properly come before the Annual General Meeting and any adjournment or postponement thereof.