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MEDTRONIC PLC filed this Form 8-K on 12/12/2017
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12.2 Termination
The Plan will terminate on the tenth anniversary of the Effective Date. Awards outstanding as of such termination date shall not be affected or impaired by the termination of the Plan.

12.3 Amendment of Plan
The Board or the Committee may amend, alter, or discontinue the Plan, but no amendment, alteration, or discontinuation shall be made which would materially impair the rights of any Participant with respect to a previously granted Award without such Participant’s consent, except such an amendment made to comply with applicable law, including, without limitation, Section 409A of the Code, Section 162(m) of the Code, Section 422 of the Code, stock exchange rules or accounting rules. In addition, no such amendment shall be made without the approval of the Company’s shareholders to the extent that such approval is required by applicable law or by the listing standards of the Applicable Exchange.
12.4 Amendment of Awards
Subject to Section 5.12, the Committee may unilaterally amend the terms of any Award theretofore granted; provided, however, that no such amendment shall cause a Qualified Performance-Based Award to cease to qualify for the Section 162(m) Exemption. Subject to the foregoing, the amendment authority of the Committee shall include, without limitation, the authority to modify the number of Shares or other terms and conditions of an Award; extend the term of an Award; accelerate the exercisability or vesting or otherwise terminate any restrictions relating to an Award; accept the surrender of any outstanding Award; and, to the extent not previously exercised or vested, authorize the grant of new Awards in substitution for surrendered Awards; provided, however that (a) the amended or modified terms are permitted by the Plan as then in effect; (b) any Participant adversely affected by such amended or modified terms shall have consented to such amendment or modification unless such amendment is necessary to comply with applicable law, including, without limitation, Section 409A of the Code, Section 162(m) of the Code, Section 422 of the Code, stock exchange rules or accounting rules; and (c) the authority to accelerate the exercisability or vesting or otherwise terminate restrictions relating to an Award may be exercised only in connection with a Participant’s death, disability or retirement, in connection with a Change of Control, or to the extent such actions involve an aggregate number of Shares not in excess of 5% of the number of shares available for Awards.
Section 13.
13.1 Forfeiture
Subject to applicable law, all Awards under this Plan shall be subject to forfeiture or other penalties pursuant (a) to the Company’s Incentive Compensation Forfeiture Policy, as amended from time to time, and (b) such other forfeiture and/or penalty conditions and provisions as determined by the Committee and set forth in the applicable Award Agreement.
13.2 Effect of Change of Control
Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, unless otherwise provided by the Committee in the applicable Award Agreement or required by applicable law, this Section 13 shall not be applicable to any Participant following a Change of Control.
Section 14.
Unfunded Status of Plan
Unfunded Status; Committee Authority. It is presently intended that the Plan will constitute an “unfunded” plan for incentive and deferred compensation. The Committee may authorize the creation of trusts or other arrangements to meet the obligations created under the Plan to deliver Shares or make payments; provided, that unless the Committee otherwise determines, the existence of such trusts or other arrangements is consistent with the “unfunded” status of the Plan.
Section 15.
General Provisions
15.1 Conditions for Issuance
The Committee may require each Participant purchasing or receiving Shares pursuant to an Award to represent to and agree with the Company in writing that such person is acquiring the Shares without a view to the distribution thereof. The certificates for such Shares may include any legend which the Committee deems appropriate to reflect any restrictions on transfer. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan or agreements made pursuant thereto, the Company shall not be required to